Acid Gold AHA Resurfacing Face Mask -
Acid Gold AHA Resurfacing Face Mask -
Acid Gold AHA Resurfacing Face Mask -
Acid Gold AHA Resurfacing Face Mask -


Acid Gold AHA Resurfacing Face Mask

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Great exfoliant

Goes on nicely and leaves my skin with a beautiful glow!



Acid Gold is an exfoliating face mask packed with natural AHAs to banish dulling, dead skin cells.


It provides a potent hit of regenerating and skin-cell-renewing ingredients that brighten and replenish skin while improving tone and texture, all in a thick jelly mask that’s incredibly satisfying to apply.

The pumpkin enzyme in Acid Gold uses pumpkin flesh that is a by-product of the pumpkin seed industry and would otherwise be thrown away.

Skin type: Acid Gold is for skin that’s feeling dry, dull, damaged, clogged or blemish-prone.

Not suitable for sensitive skin. Acid Gold contains essentials oils, if pregnant or breastfeeding please check with your doctor before using. The acids (AHAs) and enzymes may cause a small tingle to the skin but this is completely normal.

Natural, Vegan, Cruelty-Free, Carbon Neutral



Acid Gold contains a potent blend of natural Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs) including lactic (derived from bilberry extract), glycolic (derived from sugar cane extract), malic and tartaric (derived from sugar maple extract). Dead skin cells cause both dullness and dryness; AHAs break down the “glue” that binds these cells together, revealing smooth, firm and soft skin.

Pumpkin enzyme gently exfoliates, enhancing cell renewal and replenishing skin firmness, texture and bounce.

The clarifying blend of AHAs with added papain (papaya) enzyme work to reduce bacteria in the skin, helping to prevent breakouts and blemishes. Combined with sea buckthorn oil and moisturising agent glycerin, Acid Gold doesn’t strip or dry out the skin. Instead, skin feels balanced, clear and soft with visibly improved texture.








Apply a thin layer to clean skin. Leave on for 5-15 minutes and rinse thoroughly with warm water. The acids and enzymes may cause a slight tingle and a little redness immediately after use, this is normal but rinse off immediately if the tingling begins to burn or sting. Follow with Mega Mist, Night Nutrition and Bakuchiol Booster for the ultimate night time routine.

BYBI always recommends patch testing before use.

Natural AHAs can be strong so please don’t skip the patch test!



50 ml. UK.