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Shadow Blender Brush | Outlet

Shadow Blender Brush | Outlet

Hynt Beauty

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Outlet: discontinued item, RRP 24,00 €


The Eye Shadow Blender allows for a controlled application of both loose and pressed powders.


The brush features soft fibers that taper to form a medium size dome shape that is perfect for blending, shaping and contouring the eye area.

100 % Vegan Approved and Cruelty-Free, our selectively curated line of handmade makeup brushes are designed to make the application of powder makeup easy and flawless. Each Hynt brush is made with exquisite Japanese Taklon synthetic bristles that are secured onto hand sculpted, sustainable wood handles and nickel-plated brass ferrules.


Japanese Taklon synthetic bristles with sustainable wood handles and nickel-plated brass ferrules

How to use

Applying eye shadow with a brush allows for a more subtle finish that looks dramatically more professional. Unlike the sponge tip applicators, it does not create harsh lines or result in the excessive depositing of eye pigment. Use this brush to apply, blend and contour eye shadow at the crease as well as under the brow bone.

To create that sultry smokey eye look, blending is key. Use this brush to blend the shadow in the crease and to the outer corners of the eye.


Maintain the quality and longevity of our brushes and keep them free of bacteria by following these cleansing rituals:

For daily maintenance, wash the brush tip with luke warm water to at least get the product out of the bristles after each use. Dry gently on clean cloth.

At least once a week, deep cleanse your brushes. Fill a small bowl with luke warm water and add a drop of gentle, ideally natural ingredients-based shampoo. Dip and swirl the rinsed brushes in the solution and once the brush tips look free of all traces of makeup, rinse with lukewarm water until clean. Wipe gently on a clean cloth and dry on its side or preferably downward so that the glue in the ferrule remains stable.

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