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Jade Facial Roller

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Facial Roller is a beauty tool that reduces puffiness and relaxes facial muscles.


  • increases collagen production
  • improves skin absorption of skin care products
  • activates the blood circulation, bringing more oxygen to the cells
  • increases lymphatic circulation
  • decreases puffiness and under-eye circles
  • soothes sensitive skin

The smaller end of the double-headed roller is for the eye area and the larger roll for the rest of the face.


How do I use jade roller?

Preferably store the jade roller in the refrigerator to enhance its anti-swelling effect. Apply a little serum or face oil on the skin to make the roller glide well on the skin.


Begin rolling around the neck, rolling in a gentle upward motion. Treat the jawbone from the bottom up.

Start rolling from the right side of the face. Go through section by section, starting at the bottom of the face. Always roll from the center to the outside, lifting slightly upwards. Start at the chin and proceed along the chin line towards the ear.

You can also use a smaller roller to massage the masseter muscle. After the jaw line, proceed from mouth to ear. Start rolling the cheekbone from the nasal tip.

Massage the forehead from the center outwards, and the eyebrows upwards towards the hairline. You can also gently rub the temples. Tip! Try a temple massage to relieve headaches.

Use a smaller roller on the skin around the eye and always move from the inner corner to the outer corner. Do not apply too much pressure to the delicate and thin skin around the eyes, or make a reciprocal motion, always proceed with outward strokes. First treat the eyelids and then move to the upper eyelid, below the eyebrows. Always clean the roller with a damp towel after use and disinfect if necessary.


Weight: about 60g