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Cell Perfecto PM Serum

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Martin Dvorak
Amazing product

I really like this product. It hydrates my skin beautifully and leaves that shine on the skin that makes the skin look even more beautiful. about the smell… I love that too. Highly recommended!

Asta Bazeviciute
Great product

Very unusual, however works very well to even our skin tone

Can't live without it anymore

Bought it a month ago, to complement a laser treatment for dark spots and hyperpigmentation. First and second time I've use it, I didn't like. Didn't like the smell, the small grains, the consistency, didn't like anything. With time, using it every day in the evening, my skin started to get addicted. The results came quickly, after a couple of weeks started to see my skin look brighter, more even. I even had to lower my foundation color to a lighter one. My skin loves it, it calms, didn't gave me any breakouts although it's an oil and now it's part of my routine. I use it all over the face because it's strange to put only on the spots (because they are so small). My dermatologist is super happy because he thinks the results came from the laser treatment, but honestly, I think this oil did and does more for me :) . It's also important to refer that all other skincare and makeup products I use are clean and organic, no silicones or harsh ingredients. Bottom line, I DO recommend you buy this oil if you can (it's expensive!).

A promising serum

This serum is quite expensive but you do not need to use a lot of quantities since you apply this only on the affected areas and you only use it once a day. I started using it only 3 days ago so it is too early to have an opinion and results but the serum smells good a little bit like coffee bean and the consistency is not very liquid a little like grainy inside it but it is well absorbed by the skin.



An advanced corrective serum suitable for all skin types to fade hyperpigmentation, correct dark spots and discoloration, heal acne scars and sun damage for a brighter, smoother, more even complexion.


This intensive, concentrated spot treatment contains one of the most active formulations to dramatically reduce skin damage: healing acne scars, discoloration, and correcting hyperpigmentation. Revolutionary blend contains time-released and oxygen-activated key co-factors that refine complexion and remodel scar tissue (including a variety of acne scars) through a potent synergy of regenerative organic botanical actives and advanced skin technology. High-Potency concentrates of Asiaticocide (derived from Gotu Kola), Plant Peptides, and live botanical cell derivatives rich in antioxidants, amino acids, and phyto-nutrients diminish dark spots, repair skin damage, and increase wound healing through:

  • Stimulate healthy cell function and renewal
  • Encourage normalized protein and collagen production in damaged tissue
  • Renew healthy cell structure
  • Increase cell metabolism for accelerated healing
  • Detoxify skin to relieve stress on epidermal system
  • Regulate pigmentation and inhibit melanin imbalance
  • Strengthen and nurture damaged skin and scar tissue

Skin tissue is healed and regenerated from within: this potent serum works through regenerating skin and reinvigorating scar tissue from deeper layers and does not use acids, harsh exfoliators, or chemical skin brighteners. With regular use, skin regains healthy radiance and vibrancy, appearing brighter and smoother. With long term use, appearance of scars and skin damage are dramatically reduced and healed.

Please note: Due to absolute mass requirement of select key actives, Cell Perfecto PM is not available in a trial size.


Bioregenerating Botanical Infusion (botanical glycosides, sea minerals complex), S. chinensis (jojoba) seed oil*, M. integrifolia (macadamia) oil*, O. ficus-indica (Indian fig) seed oil*, C. inophyllum (tamanu) oil*, supercritical CO2 H. rhamnoides (sea buckthorn) fruit extract*, A. uva-ursi (bearberry) extract*, G. glabra (liquorice) extract*, C. asiatica (gotu kola) extract*, Renew Minerals Complex (methysulfonylmethane (MSM) derived from pine lignin & sulfur flower), phytosterols (derived from flax), tetrahexyldecyl ascorbate (vitamin C), A. linearis (rooibos) extract*, B. carterii (frankincense) extract*, D. carota (carrot) extract^, H. italicum (helichrysum) extract, G. lucidum (reishi) extract*, L-arginine, L-gluconic acid (derived from kombucha tea ferment)

^^ Wildcrafted


  • Apply in the PM, as actives work with skin repair system during sleep cycle.
  • Shake well. Sediment is time released into serum to maintain potency over time.
  • Massage 2-3 drops to affected area until fully absorbed. Allow any sediment to gently stimulate the affected area.

Please note that the serum has tiny granulas that are the active sediment in the formula, which is a signature part of the formulation. The oxygen activated sediment is a special component of Cell Perfecto PM that boosts efficacy.


30 ml