We like to call our store "The home of ethical & natural beauty" - a place where the most luxurious clean beauty brands stand under the same roof.

Where are we located? 🌍

We are located in the Winter Wonderland called Finland. All parcels will be therefore shipped from EU! (And no, we don't have polar bears, but we do have Santa!)

Our story 🌿

Naturelle was born in 2014 and was established of our passion to give our customers the opportunity to use efficient & safe natural cosmetics that are also luxurious. Naturelle started as a small family business and has grown over the years to an efficient team of green beauty lovers (yet we're still like a big family!). 
We use a lot of time to search and seek only the top brands (believe us, we're strict!) from the International market to our webshop, where the high-class cosmetic brands and easy and safe shopping are brought together. 
The brands we have chosen are breaking myths, whereby natural cosmetics would somehow be ineffective compared to synthetic products.
In the brands we represent, the unbelievable efficacy of plants and fruits is combined with the latest achievements of high technology. All brands in our selection are cruelty-free & natural.
Majority of the products are also vegan or organic.
Why natural? 🌿

Up to 64 % of the stuff we put on our skin absorb in to our body and affect to our well-being, so it’s not insignificant which products you’re using. By using top quality organic cosmetics, you efficiently decrease the chemical burden of your body. The products of our selection include the best organic ingredients and all the products are extremely nurturant and the brands are certified.
Green thinking 🌿

We follow the principles of a green office and avoid any excess paper waste. We use 100% recycled cardboard & paper in our packaging. To avoid excess carbon emissions, we order the products in larger batches. 
Welcome to the luxurious world of natural cosmetics! 🌿