Who wouldn't love a sale every now and then? 


Excluded brands

Please note that the codes or discounts do not apply to Lilfox, French Farmacie or gift cards.

Can I combine discount codes?
Unfortunately, you can use only one campaign code at a time and cannot combine any discount codes for a bigger profit. If we are running an automatic discount, you can't use any discount codes at the same time. 
Campaign codes are valid only during the campaign and cannot be added on earlier orders or used afterwards.

I forgot to use my discount code, can it be added afterwards? 

Absolutely, if the conditions are met. Just contact our customer care to get it fixed! 

During a gift campaign, the gift will be packed automatically on your order if we haven't stated otherwise. The limit is 1 gift / order.
Please remember to check if there's an order limit or other conditions to receive the gift. The order limit needs to be exceeded after the discount.
You don't need to add the gift item to your cart yourself, we'll do it for you  💚 
The gift can't be seen on the order or on the order confirmation, but we promise you'll find it inside your package!
Can I change the offered gift during a campaign?
Unfortunately no. We have reserved specific gifts that we think bring joy to all! You cannot choose the gift yourself.   
You can always ask for samples on the comment field found on the cart or ask them from our customer care. We will always try our best to fulfill every wish like fairy godmothers, but please note, that we don't have samples of all products.