Take action as it is needed

Our home is under siege from significant challenges, with climate change being one of the most pressing. The rapid rise in carbon dioxide levels, a result of industrialization, transportation, and deforestation, has led to unprecedented climate events, rising sea levels, and ecosystem disruptions. The situation demands urgent action from all sectors to combat this global crisis.

Forests – Nature's Treasure Trove

Finland is blessed with one of the world's most magnificent natural resources—forests. These forests are not just a part of Finland's identity, but they also provide a home for numerous animal and plant species. They are crucial carbon sinks, helping to regulate atmospheric carbon dioxide levels. However, our forests are under threat, facing forest damage and deforestation. This trend is a cause for concern and needs to be addressed urgently!

Naturelle is planting a better future tree by tree

Planting trees is one of the most effective ways to combat climate change and protect nature. Every tree planted helps sequester carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, improves air quality, and improves soil fertility. It also provides a home for many animals and, for us humans, a place to wander around and just wonder. Trees are also an integral part of ecosystems that maintain biodiversity and preserve the balance of nature.

You Shop, We Plant Trees 🌳

By purchasing products from our online store, you're doing more than just making a purchase - you're committing to the future. We are to take action and promise to plant a tree for every order on our website. By ordering from Naturelle, you are helping to protect the environment and create a more sustainable world for future generations. Be part of the change and help us plant a forest with every purchase you make!

Let's make the world a better place for us,


Naturelle 🌿

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