Cocoon Dew Multi-Active Face Mist - - Gentlerist
Cocoon Dew Multi-Active Face Mist - - Gentlerist
Cocoon Dew Multi-Active Face Mist - - Gentlerist


Cocoon Dew Multi-Active Face Mist

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Neringa Kasaciuniene
VERY nice!

Love IT!:)

The ultimate skin juice: a hydrating, soothing, and anti-aging essence in mist form-factor that revives the skin.


A face mist engineered to deliver on everything one could want: made with powerful botanical and bio-identical actives to effectively hydrate, repair, and strengthen the skin. Gentlerist’s formula is filled with refreshing flower hydrosols, therapeutic plant extracts, natural moisture factors (NMFs), botanical humectants, probiotics, fermented actives, hydro-vitamins, barrier fortifiers, and skin supporting minerals.

Gentlerist’s plant-based formula is built upon a healing and soothing aloe-vera and bioactive flower water base that infuses skin with immediate hydration and acts as a conduit for phytonutrients, hydrominerals and probiotics that support the microbiome, optimize skin immunity to irritation and help to fortify and heal delicate, devitalized, and fatigued skin.

Cocoon Dew is an instant refresher, delicately soothing and enriched with nourishing goodness that saturates the skin in genuine hydration. This mist not only restores the skin's pH balance but also nurtures the microbiome, delivering essential minerals and hydro-based actives that perfectly optimize the skin. It is truly the perfect face mist.

Texture: Aqueous Liquid.

Suitable for: All skin types, especially sensitive skin.

What it’s for: a protective and skin-restorative veil of hydration, nutrition and comfort.

-  Water-free base
-  Alcohol-free
-  Oil-free
-  Essential oil-free
-  Cruelty-free
-  Vegan
-  Gluten-free
-  Citrus oil-free
-  Certified Organic & Non-GMO Ingredients
-  Non-Photosensitizing
-  Non-Comedogenic
-  No Artificial Fragrance
-  Made fresh in the USA


Founder's note

"Originally conceived as the best parts of our three elixirs (Cocoon, Panacea, Metamorphic) combined into one: the universal nature of soothing, anti-inflammatory Cocoon Elixir, the tonifying and medicinal nature of Panacea Elixir, with the anti-aging and hydrating attributes of Metamorphic Elixir.

Cocoon Dew delivers on all the above, and more. As we ended up designing it from the ground up answering the question: What should the perfect face mist do? Hydrate? Yes. Soothe? Of course. But what makes it go to another level that takes it from a good-to-have to a must-have to completely revolutionize face mists?

We formulated this high-powered, anti-aging face mist with an incredible array of biofermented actives and probiotics for superior barrier relief and support, plus a concentrated array of natural moisture factors and botanical humectants including Snow Mushroom Extract and Tamarind Seed Extract reinforce skin hydration. We've also boosted the formula with bio-identical clinical actives like Sodium PCA, Panthenol, and our exclusive fermented mineral complex for superior multi-faceted skin support all in a mist form factor."


Tamarind Seed Peptides and Extract: a powerful skin hydrator that outperforms hyaluronic acid in moisture retention without the possibility of drawing moisture out of the skin in low humidity environments. We use the active peptides that work deeper for multi-depth skin hydration, and an extract that provides anti-inflammatory and improves skin elasticity and smoothness. Tamarinds are also packed with Vitamins A, B, C, and K for full skin support. We especially like the synergy of active Vitamin K, along with antioxidant polyphenols in the Tamarind that brighten the complexion.

Bio-fermented Probiotic Mineral Complex: Hydro-based minerals are the most therapeutic in delivering activated, skin-beautifying minerals that support the skin matrix, and improve skin functionality. Our mist incorporates a fermented complex of minerals designed for high-speed, deep absorption of vital minerals: Calcium, Copper, Magnesium, Selenium, Silica, and Zinc that improve the skin, reduce sensitivities and breakouts, calm inflammation, and support renewal.

Rose Otto: delicate flower water that is hydrating, rejuvenating and soothing, a drop of this rare ingredient is composed of over 7,000 rose petals, shown to improve circulation, tone skin, and capillaries, destress skin, and provide healing to sensitive skin while providing gentle yet intensive hydration.

Snow Mushroom Extract: a moisture-rich adaptogen extract that protects the skin from environmental and oxidative stress triggered by pollution, sun, blue light and seasonal factors. Highly concentrated in skin-hydrating humectants, with a smaller molecular size that outperforms hyaluronic acid. Its nutrient-rich superfood profile inhibits hyperpigmentation, builds collagen, and improves skin elasticity.

Probiotics: a supercharged concentration formulated specifically for sensitive skin to restore skin barrier health. A proprietary complex incorporating Kimchi probiotics recalibrates skin's ecosystem and works in synergy with micronutrients from the living botanical waters to reduce skin inflammation and sensitivity, and enhance skin immunity.


R. damascena (Damask Rose) Hydrolat*, D-A. barbadensis (Aloe) Leaf Juice*, C. aurantium (Neroli) Hydrolat*, L. angustifolia (Lavender) Hydrolat*, C. odorata (Ylang Ylang) Hydrolat*, C. sativus (Cucumber) Hydrolat*, Frequency Enhanced Water (Aqua), Glycerin* (Plant-derived), Sorbitan Oleate^ (Olivederived), Sodium PCA^, T. indica (Tamarind Peptides) Seed Extract*, Lactobacillus Ferment Lysate Filtrate, Saccharomyces Bio-fermented Probiotic Mineral Complex (Calcium, Copper, Magnesium, Selenium, Silica, Zinc), Galactoarabinan^, Allantoin^, D-Panthenol^, Sodium Hyaluronate (Low Molecular Weight Complex), T. fuciformis (Snow Mushroom) Extract*, C. sinensis (Green Tea) Leaf Extract*, N. officinale (Watercress) Extract*, T. indica (Tamarind) Seed Extract*, A. digitata (Baobab) Seed Extract*, H. miconioides (Seven Son) Flower Extract*, Propanediel^ (Plant-derived), Leuconostoc/Radish Root (Kimchi) Ferment Filtrate*


The oft-neglected or overlooked step between cleansing and serums, our elixirs feed hydration into skin after it's been freshly cleansed and provide hydro-based nutrients to skin that work in synergy with oil-based serums that layer over it.

• Use daily AM and PM as an integral step in your regimen.

• Shake bottle well before use.

• Mist generously onto freshly cleansed skin for immediate hydration, pH alignment, and microbiome fortification.

• Press into the skin to help soak skin in nutrient-rich botanical hydration.

• Follow with serum while skin is still dampened.Spritz throughout the day as a quick skin refresher, mid-day booster, post-gym tonic, after-sun treatment, travel remedy, or to help set makeup.

Finish within 6 months of first use for optimal potency. Keep in a cool, dry area away from direct exposure to sunlight.


100 ml / 3.4 oz ultra-violet glass. Lockable spray nozzle. USA.