The Queen Nani Radiance Mask - - Mahalo
The Queen Nani Radiance Mask - - Mahalo
The Queen Nani Radiance Mask - - Mahalo


The Queen Nani Radiance Mask

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Jasmine radiance resurfacing mask. You are two minutes away from your most radiant, healthy, and smooth skin! 



This product is a QUEEN for two main reasons: her ingredients, and the Hawaiian origin of many these ingredients. This glow-resurfacing mask allows to fully unleash the potency, and intensity of her ingredients…the acids! Lactic, Glycolic, Citric, Malic and Tartaric Acids are abundant in tropical fruits thanks to the acidic soil of the Islands, and the year-round abundant sunshine. While some of these acids can be too strong to use in leave-in moisturizers, their powerful exfoliating properties are fully activated in this mask to deliver a rejuvenated, smooth, and radiant skin appearance.

Say YES! to an instant glow with this skin-transforming “chutney” from the exotic blooms, berries, fruits and sea minerals of Hawaiian Islands.

The ingredient formula of The QUEEN NANI reads as poem, it is just so beautiful, and abundant. Featuring a “just-perfect” synergy of acids, lipids, enzymes, antioxidants, and humectants it is brightening, exfoliating, decongesting, texture-refining, calming and gently resurfacing. Working swiftly to slough away top layer of dull, damaged skin cells, this at-home “two-minute facial” mask delivers a clear, soft, and smooth skin, and a refreshed, radiant luminosity of a queen-worthy glow.

Skin type: dry, sensitive, inflamed, or dull or you are concerned with sun damage, rough skin, surface wrinkles and fine lines.

Gold, Copper, Acids, Enzymes

-Lactic Acid from passion fruit and lychee: smooths and refines the look of skin‘s texture
-Glycolic Acid from pineapple and sugar cane extract: gently exfoliates to remove dead skin cells
-Papain from papaya: further removes dead skin cells to rejuvenate the overall appearance of skin texture and radiance


Hawaiian garden in a jar!

Mahalo calls this mask a “chutney” for many reasons. Firstly, it has the consistency that is a little more than a jelly, but is not quite a pudding. It is smooth, but has some bits of ingredients that dissolve between fingers. It’s that combination of both, a jelly with bits of fruit. But, how does this apply to the skin care product, you might be thinking?

Secondly, Mahalo called this mask a “chutney” for it’s medley of fruits, berries, blooms, spices and sea minerals of Hawaii. Walk over to Saturday morning market in a Hawaiian Island, and you will find all these ingredients. And just like it’s absolutely impossible to replicate the fresh Hawaiian farmer’s market, The QUEEN NANI is truly a special, and unique skin resurfacing treatment. It’s a Hawaiian garden in a jar.

Acids, acids, acids!

Many of these fruits, and berries truly come to shine in a product of this type. Lactic, Glycolic, Citric, Malic and Tartaric Acids are abundant in tropical fruits thanks to the acidic soil of the Islands, and the year-round abundant sunshine. While these acids can be too strong to use in a leave-in moisturizers, their potent exfoliating properties are fully activated to deliver a rejuvenated, smooth, and radiant skin appearance.

Feel the tingle…

Speaking of acids, read some of the ingredients from this mask, and tell me if your tongue doesn’t tickle with an acidic tingle: mango, papaya, lotus, pineapple, lychee, hibiscus, guava, banana, passion fruit, mangosteen, pomegranate, jujuba, sugar cane, tamarind, neem, noni, orange, lemon, bergamot



ALPHA HYDROXY ACIDS: The topical use of AHAs dates back to the beginning of recorded history. Traditional skin care treatments for softening skin have included milk and lemon juice, both of which contain AHAs. Since then, products comprised of AHAs have become widely used in cosmetics. AHAs have transformed the modern cosmetic market. Instead of relying on statistics, people could literally feel and see an immediate difference in their skin – a smooth, brighter complexion with a diminished appearance of unwanted wrinkles. Natural blend of AHAs are capable of improving moisturization while simultaneously increasing the production of structural components, such as collagen and glycosaminoglycan, as well as reversing cutaneous atrophy. AHA mix in The QUEEN NANI mask is the way to smooth, wrinkle-free skin, truly revealing a rejuvenated complexion!

GOLD: Used since ancient times in beauty rituals by Japanese geishas, and Egyptian royalty, gold has been revered for its ability to repair microdamaged skin, boost circulation, calm inflammations, protect skin against premature aging, and prevent the breakdown of collagen and elastin (which causes wrinkles and loss of firmness). The QUEEN NANI mask features an intelligent and safe use of gold in skin care by way of suspending mesoparticles of 0.9999 pure gold in deionized water.

COPPER: Revered for it’s healing properties as far back as 400B.C. by Hippocrates, scientists are still uncovering new information regarding the functions of copper in the human body. Modern clinical research connects topical application of copper to excellent skin health, including wrinkle reduction, improved elasticity, and increase collagen levels in the skin. Copper is an essential trace mineral that facilitates the activity of several enzymes. One of them, lysyl oxidase, is required for the cross-linking of collagen and elastin, which are essential for the formation of strong and flexible connective tissue.

POMEGRANATE: Research has shown that this exotic fruit contains compounds capable of providing intense antioxidant benefits by optimizing Super Oxide Dismutase (SOD) activity. SOD is a powerful anti­oxidant enzyme that is capable of neutralizing the super oxide anion. This anion is the most persistent type of Reac­tive Oxygen Species (ROS). It contributes to cellular damage and accelerates the pace of aging. By neutralizing this destructive free radical, SOD provides intense protection which helps to prevent damage that contributes to aging.

The ACIDS: Lactic acid is an excellent moisturizing ingredient and beneficial for most hyper-proliferate skin conditions. One of the key benefits of using lactic acid in skin care is that research has also shown it is capable of reversing cutaneous atrophy. This will help thicken the skin to create a more youthful aesthetic. Citric acid is an intermediate in the Krebs cycle and is integral for ATP production, which helps to promote healthy skin by stimulating the formation of fibrous protein. The Krebs cycle, also known as Citric Acid, occurs in the mitochondria of our cells. This cycle is responsible for metabolizing sugar intake thus breaking it into carbon dioxide, water, and energy. In skin biology, Citric Acid provides cells with a source of useable energy. This, in turn, contributes to the factors that chemically exfoliate the outer layer of the epidermis. Malic and tartaric acids also influence skin tone and have been shown to increase elasticity, which is an important factor to enhancing complexion clarity.



jasminum grandiflorum (royal jasmine) distillate*, camellia japonica (thea seed) oil*, colloidal gold, mangifera indica (mango) extract*, papaya fruit ferment extract (papain), colloidal copper, curcuma longa (turmeric)*, nelumbo nucifera (lotus), cymbopogan ananas sativus (pineapple) extract*, litchi chinensis extract*, hibiscus sabdariffa extract*, saccharomyces (sea silt) ferment, psidium guajava extract*, musa sapientum (banana) extract*, passiflora incarnata extract*, garcinia mangostana extract*, punica granatum (pomegranate) extract*, zizyphus jujuba extract*, cananga odorata (ylang ylang) distillate*, saccharum officinarum (sugar cane), tamarindus indica (tamarind) extract, azadirachta indica (neem) extract*, morinda citrifolia (noni) extract*, tremella fuciformis sporocarp (snow mushroom) extract, xanthan gum, lactic acid, citrus aurantium dulcis (orange) extract & citrus limon (lemon) extract, santalum paniculatum (Hawaiian sandalwood), citrus aurantium var. bergamia (bergamot) oil, 24k gold powder



Patch-test prior to use
• once a week, apply a thin layer of mask to clean skin using a soft mask brush
• paint onto entire surface of face, starting with the forehead, then cheeks, chin and nose (avoid eye and lip areas*)
• treatment time: 2-3 mins*, and  rinse off with warm water
*In case of contact with eyes or stinging of the skin, rinse thoroughly with water
** After first few treatments, and if your skin tolerates stronger AHA treatments, you can leave the mask for 5-15 minutes



15ml. USA. 

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