Meet your moisture -

Meet your moisture

Autumn equals drier skin! But, we've got your dry skin covered with a list of the most efficient moisturizing heroes that will guarantee a happy skin.

Autumn equals drier skin! But, we've got your dry skin covered with a list of the most efficient moisturizing heroes that will guarantee a happy skin. 

1. Tata Harper’s Hyaluronic Gel Moisturizer is already almost closer to science than skin care. The ingenious moisturizer contains a unique water-gel technology derived from chia seeds and brings intense moisture to the skin in an ultra-light form.

Other modern ingredients include e.g. pleated gnome, i.e. jelly sponge, and salt herb, both of which have the ability to effectively bind moisture. Hyaluronic Gel Moisturizer is an ideal choice for combination skin and oily skin, as it replenishes the skin’s moisture stores without being oily or heavy.


2. Edible Beauty's No. 4 Vanilla Silk Hydrating Lotion is a silky soft and easy-to-apply moisturizer with excellent value for money.

Vanilla Silk Hydrating Lotion has firming and protective effects for all skin types. Cocoa and shea butter, as well as glow-enhancing camellia seed oil, moisturize the skin.

This A-beauty brand has also utilized their native ingredients in formulating: extracts from Davidson and Lemon Aspen trees support the skin’s natural elasticity, while Rosella extract, known as a “botox plant”, is a natural source of AHA acids that enhance the skin’s natural cell renewal. Vanilla Silk Hydrating Lotion also contains natural SPF protection from raspberries. 


3. Juice Beauty has been one of the pioneers who realized the utilization of plant and fruit stem cells in their skincare products. The fruit stem cells fool the skin to increase its own cell renewal. As a result, the skin becomes plumper and firmer again, and the fine lines begin to smooth out. The combination of the three ingredients of Juice Beauty's Stem Cellular Anti-Wrinkle Moisturizer is patented: stem cells combined with brightening and regenerating vitamin C, and grape seed oil effectively activate the skin. Organic-certified jojoba, sunflower and shea butter oils take care of the skin's moisture and elasticity. 


4. Suki's Nourishing Day Cream is the perfect moisturizer for rosacea, couperosa and hyperpigmentation. Brightening Vitamin C glucoside is released to the skin in a slow form, resulting in a more permanent effect. Active collagen from yeast, on the other hand, prevents the signs of aging caused by free radicals and enhances the skin's own collagen production. This moisturizer has received great reviews from our customers, and no wonder - Nourishing Day Cream also brings relief to difficult skin inflammatory conditions such as acne and rosacea, as well as perioral dermatitis, also known as POD.